Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit

Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit

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If you have been on the lookout for the most sophisticated audio transmitter spy kit in the market, then your search ends right here with the new Super Sneak - Audio Receiver kit (in ear). The device comes with a mini ear bud that fits perfectly inside your ear and only a small stem sticks out by which you easily pull the device out. The device works on a simple technology - the audio signal is transmitted from a walkie-talkie to a receiver placed inside a wallet where the signal is again transmitted to the ear bud. Only you can hear the audio transmission from the miniature device inside the ear. You can use this device for any non-illegal use. In case that you are hosting a show with mispronouncing, your partner can remotely give you instructions to help you out! What you need is to carry the wallet and ear bud to receive audio instructions.

This device is perfect for receiving instructions without anybody noticing. The walkie-talkie has a recharge battery which is included but the wallet receiver needs 5 pc AAA batteries which are not included in the pack. You can view this product on the Ankaka online store.


Completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece 
Virtually undetectable ear bud 
Discreet receiver inside wallet 
Uses walkie-talkie for remote transmission


Product Description: Wireless Audio Spy Kit - Transmitter + Receiver + Earpiece 
Operating Frequency: 
Channel 5: 446. 0550 
Channel 15: 446. 0550 
Power Supply Walkie-talkie: Rechargeable battery (included) 
Power Supply Wallet Receiver: 5x AAA batteries (not included) 
Power Supply Ear bud: sr416sw battery (included) 
Power Supply Walkie-talkie: Built - in battery 
Transmission Distance Ear bud to Wallet: 140mm 
Transmission Distance Walkie-talkie to Wallet: 150m 
- Wallet transmitter: 
- ON/OFF switch 
- Frequency switch (channel 5 or 15) 
- Walkie-talkie: 
- Push to talk button 
- ON/OFF/volume knob 
- MIC/Earphone jack 
- Monitor button 
- Antenna port 
Working temperature: - 5 to 45 Celsius 
- Wallet: 120mm x 95mm x 19mm 
- Ear bud: 7.9mm Diameter x 12.7mm 
- Walkie-talkie: 114mm x 57mm x 32mm 
Charger input power: 110 - 220V 

Notes from Manufacturers

Ankaka is not responsible for the misuse of this product. The customer takes full responsibility for any unlawfully acts committed while using this product. 
For best results place wallet in top shirt pocket.

Package List for Model AKA - I78

Ear bud 
Wallet Receiver 
Carrying Strap 
Clip mount 
AC charger 
1100 mAh Li - ion battery 
User Manual - English


Can I paint the ear bud to match my skin tone? 
Sure. You can paint it any color you want. Just make sure the paint does not enter inside the device. 

Can I use the transmitter without the wallet? 
Yes, just make sure you carefully take all of the electronics and wires out and keep them protected.

Product Category: 
- Main = Surveillance Equipment 
- Subcat = Spy Camera 
- Group = Wholesale Surveillance Equipment 
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